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Build Relationships & Get More Clients Using Webinars

We help organizations grow by showing them how to build trust faster and land more clients using webinars & other virtual events. 

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Launch Your Webinar In 30 Days

Getting leads for your business or sales team can be challenging. Do you trapped by relying on referrals?

And let's be honest, the traditional ways of marketing your business are just unacceptable:

- Cold calling (people hate it) 

- Cold email (It's annoying)

- Attend networking events that feel fake

- Spending money on advertising that doesn't work 

- Asking your clients for referrals is awkward

Launch Your Webinar In 30 Days

There is a better way!

Especially in this remote world we are in, webinars and other virtual education events allow you to connect with prospects in a scalable and genuine way. Webinars allow you to: 

  • Get new clients by doing what you love: Sharing your knowledge.
  • Start a relationship with a potential client without ever meeting them.
  • Build trust with potential clients without having to cold call, cold email, or attend fake networking events.

  • To create content that you can reuse a million times.

  • Market to audiences you haven't been able to before.

  • Reduce the sales cycle length.
Launch Your Webinar In 30 Days

What does a successful webinar look like?

Watch our free training below to see how:


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How We Can Help:

Through our training program & guidance we can help you achieve these things:

  • Create a webinar and reuse it a million times.
  • Create a powerful presentation that builds trust & converts new clients.
  • Set-up the right tools that you'll need to host and market (no tech skills required.)
  • Promote the webinar and make sure people show up.
  • There are lots of tricks and schemes – we’ll teach you the ethical way.
  • How to get your partners or vendors to pay for the webinar.
Launch Your Webinar In 30 Days

Your Guide

Taylor Wells has been working with small businesses for over 15 years and most recently in a complex B2B technology sales & marketing position.

It's in this position that he learned the power firsthand of webinars and used it to land thousand of dollars of recurring revenue for the company he worked for awhile cutting the sales cycle in half from the usual 6 - 12 months. He's a believer in using your knowledge to help people and get more clients through webinars.   

He started Create Successful Webinars because he wishes he had this knowledge 5 years ago. He knows how hard high-touch relationship selling is AND how helpful webinars are in the sale process and for building relationships and landing new clients. 

Launch Your Webinar In 30 Days

Start 2021 Off With A Marketing Bang!

It's Time To Use Your Knowledge To Build Relationship & Get More Clients

Steps To Success:


You now: You are feeling trapped and unable to grow your business at the speed you'd like. You are reliant on referrals and your sales cycle is too long.

After our training program: you will be equipped to quickly create a webinar that allows you to build relationships with new clients easily. You will be making more money and getting better clients faster than ever before. 

Launch Your Webinar In 30 Days

100% Money-Back Guarantee:

We get it. Buying stuff from strangers on the internet can feel weird (and risky). If you join us inside Launch Successful Webinars In 30 Days and you don't love it, let us know. We'll send your $27 back to you right away. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! This is a live event but we will be recording the event so if you miss part of it or would like to share it with your team.

We will bill your credit card (or Paypal) and your spot will be reserved in the next workshop training.  

Like most things, it depends on many factors. We have personally received book meetings that day due to the webinar. We've started getting clients in 90 days from starting our monthly webinar. Depends on the sales cycle & ease of purchase as well. 

The training program will help you save a lot of time from trying to figure this stuff out, but realistically you should dedicate 16 hours of work to create and launch a webinar. Two full days and you have thousands of hours of potential reach. 

Really any industry but the more your industry is a knowledge-based industry you can use webinars to connect and build relationships. Most long-form (marketing speak) content is extremely powerful for complex relationship heavy industries. Your guide, Taylor started using webinars in complex B2B technology marketing and sales and found it worked really well. Other industries like SaaS, financial, medical, marketing, professional services, and really any sales or marketing team. 

Save time and money by learning the right way.

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